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Simulatorn Nursing Anne - Geriatrisk

Hjälper dig att träna för geriatrisk patientvård

Dagens sjuksköterskor kräver nödvändig klinisk kompetens och kommunikationsförmåga för att hantera osäkerheten, komplikationerna och komplexiteten i äldreomsorgens verklighet. Simulatorn Nursing Annes geriatriska tilläggsmoduler ökar den naturliga återgivningen i simuleringar för att maximera träningsresultaten.

Den geriatriska modulen är ett tillägg till simulatorn Nursing Anne.

Introducing Nursing Anne Simulator Geriatric

Investing in simulation fidelity

Nursing Anne Simulator Geriatric creates a whole new patient demographic to train for with a full body solution available in Medium and Dark tone that includes realistic anatomical features.

“The AACN reports that by the year 2030, nearly 20 percent of Americans will be age 65 and over. In addition, older adults represent half of all hospital stays, nearly two-thirds of all ambulatory adult primary care visits and almost three-quarters of all home care visits. Taking these statistics into consideration, geriatric nursing careers will expand significantly over the coming decades.”

Sources: American Association of Colleges of Nursing; Nurse Week; American Nurses Association; American Nurses Credentialing Center; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018-19 Occupational Outlook Handbook

Take Your Simulation Training Further

Nursing Anne Simulator can be used as one component of a more comprehensive solution to further enhance your clinical skills training.

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