Ricerche e materiale scientifico

  • Dan Lou Isbye, Lars Simon Rasmussen, Freddy Knudsen Lippert, Søren Finnemann Rudolph and Charlotte Vibeke Ringsted “Laypersons may learn basic life support in 24 min using a personal resuscitation manikin” [vai al documento]
  • Ian Jones, Anthony J. Handley, Richard Whitfield, Robert Newcombe and Douglas Chamberlain “A preliminary feasibility study of a short DVD-based distance-learning package for basic life support” [vai al documento]
  • Bonnie Lynch, Eric L. Einspruch, Graham Nichol, Lance B. Becker, Tom P. Aufderheide andAhamed Idris “Effectiveness of a 30-min CPR self-instruction program for lay responders: a controlled randomized study“ [vai al documento]
  • Lynn P. Roppolo, Paul E. Pepe, Linda Campbell, Kimberly Ohman, Himani Kulkarni, Ronna Miller, Alison Idris, Lawrence Bean, Thomas N. Bettes and Ahamed H. Idris “Prospective, randomized trial of the effectiveness and retention of 30-min layperson training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators: The American Airlines Study” [vai aldocumento]