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Thursday, December 2, 2021 – 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST

Live Virtual SUN

If We Knew Then What We Know Now – Technology-Driven Tactics for Teaching CPR

CPR training technology has advanced to levels of measurement, assessment, and feedback that were just being envisioned a decade ago. Have you ever imagined how different CPR training would have been if practitioners were able to train the way they can now?  

Join us for an exciting hour with Mike Helbock, who sits on the faculty at the world-renowned Resuscitation Academy in Seattle, Washington. An exceptionally inspiring speaker, Mike will be sharing how you can leverage today’s teaching technology to truly practice how you perform.  

Mike is a Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic and has worked in leadership roles with the Resuscitation Academy throughout their history. Mike was part of helping Seattle/King County Medic One achieve gains like a 53% walk-out-the-door survivability rate from sudden cardiac arrest.  

Whether you are part of an EMS system, a hospital, an acute care facility, or a CPR training program, you will learn principles of resuscitation from Mike that have too often been overlooked. 

Topics Mike will discuss: 

  • Why mindset counts – How your attitude about patient survivability must shape your training
  • Chest Compression Fraction – Some of the most important math you will ever know
  • Perfusion Pressure – Maybe the best defibrillation pro tip you will ever encounter
  • Measurement, Assessment, Feedback – Technology has removed all excuses about performance
  • Teamwork! – A team of experts is not an expert team…unless they know how to be one

Register early and invite a colleague. This is a live session and Mike will be taking your questions. Attendance is free. 

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Featured Speaker


Mike Helbock, M.I.C.P, NR-P 
Division Chief - EMS Training, Seattle/King County Medic One (ret.) 
Faculty - Seattle/King County Resuscitation Academy 





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