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Ultrasound Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model

The Ultrasound Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model is ideal for those wishing to teach Lumbar Puncture or Epidurals using the ultrasound-guided technique. Tested to work on all major ultrasound brands, this model includes visible facet joints.

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Skills Gained:

  • Injection of local anesthetics
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Collect and measure CSF
  • Epidural Administration
  • Ultrasound-guided technique

Key Features:

  • Realism
    Can feel when the dura has been punctured
  • Versatility
    All inserts compatible with common base
    Rotatable skin to ensure cost-effective training
  • Cleaning
    After each use drain all water from the product and clean with a damp soft cloth or sponge, using only warm water with mild detergent
  • Safety
    Latex free
  • Anatomy
    Palpable sacrum, iliac crests and vertebrae L2-5

You will receive:

  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Ultrasound Insert (x2)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Standard Dura (x2)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Advanced Dura (x4)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Iliac Crest Insert
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Insert Cartridge
  • Water Reservoir 2Ltr
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Torso with Torso Skin
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Stand
  • Marker Pen

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