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SonoSim® Starter Edition

The SonoSim Starter Edition provides a SonoSim-certified laptop pre-installed with the patented SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution, forming the foundation to build your ultrasound training curriculum.

SimView (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued and replaced by SimCapture. Consumables and replacement parts, for SimView, will be available until October 31. 2021.

HeartSim® 200

The Heartsim 200 is a battery-powered ECG rhythm simulator designed to provide basic, modified, and pediatric rhythms with variable pulse rate and strength. This product offers all the necessary rhythms to conduct ACLS course in one compact, convenient unit.

Infant CPR Anytime

The Infant CPR Anytime® Kit contains everything new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone caring for an infant need to learn the core skills of infant CPR and choking relief in about 20 minutes. This self-directed, video-based program allows you to learn in the comfort and privacy of your home or workplace.

Baby Hippy

Reproduction of the lower torso and limbs of a female newborn designed to train professionals in diagnosing both congenital hip dislocation and hip dislocatability.


When every second counts - NeoBeat is a reusable, consumable-free, and easy-to-use heart rate meter that provides an accurate and continuous display of newborn heart rate.

Symbio Rhythm Simulator

Easy to operate, the Symbio Rhythm Simulators come in a 3-Lead and a 12-Lead version that meet both your training and equipment testing needs.

LLEAP Fundamentals

A LLEAP Fundamentals license allows you to conduct training using task trainers and standardised patients with a simulated patient monitor.