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SimCapture - Learner Driven Scenarios

Train, track and monitor students' skills development. From anywhere.
Remote education is the new normal

Standardized training.
Objective assessments.
Measurable outcomes.

Educators can now deliver, monitor, and track students' development of hands-on skills competence from anywhere. 
Now, students have easy access to content and training scenarios, right from their mobile devices. With the learner driven scenarios in SimCapture Enterprise they can practice skills together or training can be reviewed and evaluated by their instructors. 

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Geef uw ROI een boost met SimCapture

De initiële kosten voor het opzetten of uitbreiden van een simulatiecentrum voor de gezondheidszorg met apparatuur, personeel, audiovisuele infrastructuur en beheersoftware kunnen hoog oplopen. Hierdoor zult u waarschijnlijk op een bepaald moment uw uitgaven moeten verantwoorden om steun en financiering te krijgen.

Combine SimCapture with Modular Skills Trainer

A holistic solution for remote education.

Build skills and competence with this affordable, practical solution. Combined with SimCapture, it provides a truly remote skills training setup for remote education.

Now integrated with NLN skills scenarios and skill demonstration videos in SimCapture.


Modular Skills Trainer

Beyond COVID-19

Remote Learning

Support clinical skills acquisition for remote learners

One of the biggest barriers for students to practice their skills is resource constraints. Often, they lack access to task trainers, lab space and faculty supervision.

Learner driven scenarios allow for flexibility with onsite and offsite options. It can support clinical skills acquisition and can be combined with affordable skills trainers for scalable training options. 

Virtual training – accelerated by the pandemic, here to stay

The move to remote learning has been a steady trend in healthcare education that's been accelerated by the pandemic.  
Learner Driven Scenarios makes virtual course delivery more effective by combining hands-on activities with efficient assessment and evaluation methods​. 

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.