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COVID-19 Airway Management​

Helping you Prepare for COVID-19 Patients

We know that effective airway management can be critical to the treatment of severe COVID-19 cases, and we’re here to help. From airway medical devices to airway management trainers, we’re proud to provide solutions to help you prepare for COVID-19 patients.​

Medical Devices​ for Airway Management

Medical devices are essential to safe and effective treatment during an emergency. Our products are preferred by healthcare providers for excellent performance, lasting value, and reliability.

Sharpen the Right Skills

In order to be ready to face an influx of patients infected with COVID-19, some healthcare organizations are reorganizing and setting up "flash" training to help update relevant skills.​

To help you quickly scale up COVID-19 related training, Laerdal’s family of airway management training solutions provide intuitive and cost-effective training for a wide range of airway management skills. ​

Laerdal's Family of Skills Trainers

Our airway management trainers are designed to aid the teaching of basic and advanced skills, including recognition and techniques for an obstructed airway, newborn intubation, and surgical cricothyrotomy. Through repetitive practice, learners increase skill proficiency and confidence.​

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