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Military Training Solutions

Prepare for the battlefield with realistic, medical training solutions from Laerdal Medical.

Medical simulation training ensures soldiers are prepared for the battlefield by placing them in realistic scenarios. Our durable products and patient simulators can be used to replicate war-like scenarios so soldiers are ready to help save lives.

Military Product Catalog

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Specifically designed for the military's educational needs and unique training environments.

High-quality patient simulation for training a multitude of medical procedures and patient cases.

SimMan 3G

The Resusci Anne QCPR manikin and technology enables healthcare providers to obtain competence to deliver quality CPR in accordance with the latest Guidelines.

Utilize your own PC to monitor, track and improve each student's CPR performance with our intelligent scoring algorithms. As an instructor or student, you can easily Measure, Track and Improve basic CPR.

SimPad PLUS is an operating device used to control Laerdal manikins and simulators and can be used with task trainers and standardised patients. It allows instructors, new or experienced, to deliver highly-effective simulation-based training. 


The Laerdal Compact Suction Unit (LCSU) 4 suction unit combines rugged design with lightweight portability, an essential tool for every first responder

The Laerdal BaXstrap Spineboard provides the highest quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate emergency spinal care. As one of the lightest, most rigid boards on the market, the Baxstrap Spineboard prepares providers for any situation. The durable and uniquely contoured design, matched with our private labeling option, makes the Baxstrap Spineboard the premium spine board on the market.

When a cervical spine injury is suspected, Laerdal is confident that the Stifneck extrication collar, as the pioneer of extrication collars, will enable you to provide the best care possible. With four adult sizes and two pediatric sizes, the Stifneck collars fit any patient providers might come across.