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Resusci Baby QCPR

Measure To Improve

The Resusci Baby QCPR manikin and feedback technology enables healthcare providers to obtain competence to deliver quality CPR for 3 month old infants in accordance with the latest Guidelines.

More efficient CPR training

QCPR Technology is utilized to enable both instructors and trainees to more effectively monitor and review CPR performance, increasing the efficiency and value of training time.
This enables you to:
  • More effectively facilitate training for individuals and high-performance teams
  • Train in the environment of your choice
  • Assess performance results of multiple individuals in real-time
  • Provide a team debrief while also focusing on individual performances

High Quality Infant CPR Training

Resusci Baby QCPR provides detailed real-time and summative information when used with feedback devices. The detailed feedback and debriefing functionalities enable students to learn and improve CPR performance better than ever before.

Realistic anatomy ensures a learner performs correct head tilt, chin lift and experiences appropriate chest resistance and chest rise. A sensor indicates correct hand placement.

Ventilation system provides realistic chest rise with BVM (Bag Valve Mask) and MTM (Mouth to Mouth) and measures volume and rate to help train correct ventilation techniques.

Resusci Baby QCPR is fully Guidelines compliant.

Compatible Feedback Devices

SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter facilitates real-time feedback, records data and calculates overall performance for thorough training and debrief on CPR performance. It can be used for wireless control of up to 6 QCPR manikins simultaneously so an instructor can instantly identify and guide a student struggling to perform Quality CPR.

The new SkillGuide for the QCPR manikins enhances the ability to Measure, Track and Improve your CPR skills. Small, portable and light weight, it is compatible with Resusci Anne with QCPR and Resusci Baby with QCPR.


Resusci Baby QCPR sets a high standard for quality CPR training on a 3 month old infant. When used with a feedback device learners are provided clear feedback measure, track and improve training.


Airway features

  • Airway occlusion (head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust)
  • Realistic chest rise and fall


  • Debriefing through recorded events
  • Quick Review of CPR performance

Blood pressure / pulses

  • Brachial pulses (pulse bulb)


  • Mouth-to-mouth ventilations
  • Ventilations with face shield
  • Ventilations with pocket mask
  • Ventilation with bag-valve-mask

QCPR feedback

The following features are available when used with feedback devices SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter or SkillGuide

  • Ventilation measurement and feedback
  • Chest compressions
  • Compression measurement and feedback
  • Detailed CPR evaluation (Not available with SkillGuide)
  • Compression counter (Not available with SkillGuide)
  • Complete release feedback
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