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SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer

The Speedblocks Head Immobilizer facilitates patient immobilization quickly and efficiently. Speedblocks have a reusable base and blocks that have multi axis sliding to lock in any position. For a reusable head immobilizer at the cost of a disposable head immobilizer, Speedblocks is the top choice.
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Software courses

If you want to learn more about the SimPad or LLEAP Learning Applications and how to start using your SimPad or LLEAP simulator system in your education, this is an appropriate course for you. The course is aimed at those who will be responsible for running simulations and builds on the Getting Started courses.

Refresher Courses

Ensure you stay up to speed. Our refresher courses help refresh your knowledge and skills so you are able to keep your simulations running.
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Modular Skills Trainer - User Guide (2mb)

Vsim Curiculum Integration Guide (mb)


QCPR Classroom App 7.14.0.apk (41mb)

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