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SonoSim® Starter Edition

The SonoSim Starter Edition provides a SonoSim-certified laptop pre-installed with the patented SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution, forming the foundation to build your ultrasound training curriculum.

HeartSim® 200

The Heartsim 200 is a battery-powered ECG rhythm simulator designed to provide basic, modified, and pediatric rhythms with variable pulse rate and strength. This product offers all the necessary rhythms to conduct ACLS course in one compact, convenient unit.
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Top 5 errors new nurses make

The need to have new nurses ready for practice upon graduation is the goal of every educational program. However, 75% of new nurses report committing a medical error in their first year.
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Modular Skills Trainer - User Guide (2mb)

Vsim Curiculum Integration Guide (mb)


QCPR Classroom App 7.14.0.apk (41mb)

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