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Upgrade to Improve Your Resusci Anne

In 2018, the Resusci Anne QCPR  manikin line was updated to be compatible with improved QCPR feedback options and redesigned to improve simplicity of use. Now, with the new Resusci Anne QCPR Upgrade Kits, owners of discontinued Resusci Anne QCPR manikins (2013-2018) and current (2013+) Resusci Anne First Aid manikins can upgrade their manikins to the latest technology.

If you are unsure whether your manikin can be upgraded, please refer to this guide.



Resusci Anne Upgrade Kits

Now through the end of 2019, a free Periodic Maintenance Kit is included with Upgrade Kit Bundles. Offer expires 12/31/19.

Do-it-Yourself Resusci Anne Upgrade Kits are available for all Resusci Anne QCPR and Resusci Anne First Aid manikins manufactured after 2013.

Resusci Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit

Resusci Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit

Quickly and easily upgrade your 2013+ Resusci Anne (First Aid or QCPR) manikin with new electronics, a rechargeable battery, and more.

Resusci Anne QCPR AED Upgrade Kit

Resusci Anne QCPR AED Upgrade Kit

Quickly and easily upgrade your 2013+ Resusci Anne (First Aid, QCPR, QCPR AED) with new electronics, a rechargeable battery, a new AED skin, and more.

Available Feedback Options After Upgrading

SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter

The preferred feedback option for the professional provider.  It includes detailed feedback on CPR performance parameters of up to 6 manikins and a timeline for logging events during scenario based team training. 


A small, portable and lightweight device that can be used to provide direct and immediate feedback for a learner to measure, track and improve CPR skills.

QCPR Instructor App

With this app, the instructor gets a performance overview of up to six manikins, simultaneously. Using their own observations and the objective feedback from the app, the instructor can quickly and effectively coach the learners to improve.


QCPR Learner App

This app can be used by the learner to practice on their own. Multiple learners can also use the app to coach each other. 


SkillReporter (PC)

Utilize your own PC to monitor, track and debrief CPR performance with our intelligent scoring algorithms.

How-to Videos

  • Resusci Anne QCPR Upgrade
  • Resusci Anne First Aid Upgrade